Dominik Stauch – ausgewählte Videos (Excerpts)



Twist and Shout (Big Boogie Woogie), 2020

Video HD, Farbe, Sound (Stereo), 01'27''

Sound und Animation Dominik Stauch


The Light, Picture III,, 2014

aus Walking with Richard

Video HD, Farbe, Sound (Stereo), 02''00'

Animation und Sounds Dominik Stauch




Coast to Coast, 2016

Video HD, Farbe, Sound (Stereo), 6'14''

Konzept und Animation Dominik Stauch

Sounds Wolfgang Zwiauer


The Same But Different, 2015

24 Studies

Video HD, Farbe,, Sound (Stereo),
26‘ 04‘‘

Konzept und Animation Dominik Stauch, Sounds by ‹Still›
Wolfgang Zwiauer and Dominik Huber




Picture Yourself, 2014

Video HD, Farbe, Sound (Stereo), 3'44''

Konzept und Animation Dominik Stauch,

Keyboards & Sound Samuel Blaser

Vocals Dominik Stauch



Hard Edge Ride, 2011

Video HD, Farbe, Sound  (Stereo), 05'11''

Animation und Soundcollage

Dominik Stauch



The Cross (for Ljubomir Micic) 2009

DVD (4:3), Farbe, Sound (Stereo),

01:04, Loop

Animation, Gitarre und Soundsampling

Dominik Stauch




Radar Love, 2004

DVD (4:3), Farbe, Sound  (Stereo), 02‘20‘‘ ,Loop

Animation Dominik Stauch, Drums Tom Beck



My Personal Colour Field, 2002

DVD, Farbe, Sound  (Stereo), 02‘54‘‘,Loop

Morphing Dominik Stauch

Gitarre Boris Pilleri

Bass Roland Sumi
Soundengineering Mat Calahan